Hilarious & heartfelt sitcoms improvised right in front of you.

At The Pilot, we create an entirely improvised sitcom pilot based solely on your suggestions!

Our show starts with a short-form improv half, with games similar to those on ‘Whose line is it anyway’, before moving on to our long-form sitcom episodes.
During the long-form portion of the show, we improvise two separate pilot episodes based on audience suggestions. The audience then decides which gets the green light and which hits the cutting room floor.

Our talented cast then perform the second episode of the sitcom you want to see! Mixing outright ridiculousness with meaningful relationships and heartfelt stories, we’ll create a brand new sitcom you’ll be begging us
to binge!

Whether you’re more Friends-fan or Big Banger, you’ll get to see a brand-new sitcom brought to life right before your eyes. Our show is made for anyone who loves sitcoms, improv, or comedy in general! Whether your 5 or 105 years old, we really don’t mind, as long as you like to laugh!

Performers: Anthony Heston, Anthony Pascarella, Gabriel Romero Day, Jared Hudson, Marina Fraser, Jamie Machin, Joe Kelsey, Jonathan Whittaker, Kristina Oliva, Louise Salter, Hunter Johns

Instagram: @thepilotimprov

Running time: Approx 90 minutes

Ages Guidance: Ages 14 and above

May contain bad language and adult themes.