An improvised comedy show about jobs!

Find your boss irksome? Swamped with tedious admin? Deal with clients who make you pray for a speedy apocalypse? Well the Great Job team want to hear about it! We listen to audience stories about jobs and turn them into hilarious, improvised scenes.

Don’t miss our weekly podcast every Saturday, featuring some of the best improvisers and comedians in the UK, such as Joz Norris, Bec Hill, and Edinburgh Comedy Award winner, Lara Ricote!

Director: Freddie Sandilands


Sophia Broido

Mike Orton-Toliver

Charlie Kemp

Freddie Sandilands

Nick Everitt

Instagram: @greatjobimprov

Weekly Podcast Available here!

Running time: Approx 60 minutes

Ages Guidance: Ages 18 and above