Unlock memories with a single bite of food – a 4D experience on stage.

Marco has had an obsession with food for his whole life. So when he discovers that he can unlock memories with a bite of food he drops out of university to become a chef, much to the dismay of his academic Argentine Nona. This is his journey to prove to her he can do it.

Freezer Cake is a 4D culinary play that explores family, love, choosing paths of choice rather than one that has been predetermined, and, of course, food.

Marco Namor is an actor/writer living and working in London. Graduating from the University of Kent, spending his time performing, creating plays and an obscene amount of cooking. Having spent the last few years selling pasta and being around food, Freezer Cake is an amalgamation of his favourite art forms.

Written and Performed by Marco Namor

Directed by Mia Sinclair

Produced by Emily Rennie

Instagram: @freezercakeplay

X: @RennieandWhite

Running time: Approx 60 minutes

Ages Guidance: Ages 12 and above

Contains strong language, sexual innuendo and references to cancer/death.