Forgotten Voices

The true story of Eva Moorhead Kadalie – a woman of colour fighting injustice

In Black History Month we remember the remarkable Eva Moorhead Kadalie, the widow of South Africa’s first national black trade union leader, Clements Kadalie. The couple paved the way for Mandela. Forgotten Voices is a one woman show starring Shareesa Valentine, directed by Margaret Connell and written by Eva’s grandson, David Moorhead.

Set in 1956 Eva is contemplating leaving South Africa following their thirty-year fight against racism. Reflecting on her life and the sacrifices that both she and her husband made, Eva is unsure if she should board the boat to England and safety.

Spanning a turbulent time in South African history, the play reflects on the experiences of the 1919 dock strike at Cape Town; the creation and growth of the Industrial and Commercial Union, and the passing of the 1927 Native Administration Act, which made it illegal to challenge white rule. Always ready to stand up and challenge white privilege and racial injustice, Eva was a strong, resilient woman – way ahead of her time.

“The perfect play for Black History Month.” NorthWest End Review

“Important, powerful, heartfelt, beautifully written and acted…it’s on a whole new level.” Honorarymancblog review

“Brilliantly acted”  Nazia Mogra, BBC NorthWest Tonight


Writer: David Moorhead

Director: Margaret Connell

Performer: Shareesa Valentine


Twitter/Instagram: @EvaVoices

Facebook: EvaForgottenVoices

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Running time: 72 minutes

Ages Guidance: Ages 12+

Contains themes of loss and racism, occasional mild language.