An exciting dark comedy surrounding the Devil and his unlikely new friend.

How many Devils does it take to turn on a bluetooth speaker?

Where many see Hell as a vast plane of damnation, eternal torture and endless misery, to those that work there it’s even worse! Who curates the minutes for the AGM’s? Who is in charge of accepting annual leave requests and which poor soul has to restock the paper cups at the water cooler? To those down there mundanity could be their worst nightmare, other than their Beelzebub of a boss, but when everything gets turned on its head with a new, very much out of place, arrival down in the fiery pits insanity begins to ensue and hell does in fact break loose!

This fresh new dark comedy contains three exciting new Master in Fine Arts students just out of the acclaimed Guildford School of Acting as well as a BAFTA nominated performer!

Written and Directed by Alex Gannon

Performed by Alex Gannon, Fraser Adams, Leona Vaughan

Running time: Approx 45 minutes

Ages Guidance: Ages 16 and above

Contains adult themes, bad language, religious themes, Hell, suicide, graphic detail of torture, mention of dictators, alcohol consumption and drug consumption.