The Office meets J.G Ballard via Kafka in a dark and twisted physical comedy with live music.

All BEN WEAVER wanted was a good job. But on the day of his big interview at MONOLITH INDUSTRIES he witnesses a death. In the chaos of sirens and blue lights, BEN picks up the dead man’s lanyard and decides to keep it safe – just for a while. But with the lanyard around his neck, BEN begins to transform into a more confident, authentic version of himself – BEN MANAGER.

And as he gets relentlessly promoted up the building to executive level, a dark truth of the building is revealed. But one question will remain. Can Ben manage the truth? The Unstoppable Rise of Ben Manager is a dark take on making an impact in the world of bullshit jobs, and will leave you wanting
a new job.

This is the first solo show from Jack Parris (Brighton People’s Theatre, Bunkum, RADA, Footlights) after a period of Arts Council funded development.

Written and Directed by Jack Parris

Performed by Jack Parris, Paulina Krzeczkowska, Michael Coxhead and Adam Boothroyd

Running time: Approx 60 minutes

Ages Guidance: Ages 16 and above

Contains adult themes, strong language and violence.